Kunming China Part 3 – Xi Shan (Western Hills)

I’ve been looking forward to hiking around Western Hills Forest reserve located on Biji Mountain. With many temples, pavilions and the Dragon Gate Grotto Complex being the highlight at over 2300m above sea level it’s quite easy to spend a […]

Kunming China Part 2 – Stone Forest

Stone Forest (Shilin), known since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.) as the ‘First Wonder of the World’ is about 120km from Kunming famous for its natural limestone formations and countless labyrinthine to walk around was an amazing site to see, […]

Kunming China – The ‘Spring City’- The most Livable City

Situated in Central Yunnan province, the ‘Spring City’ as Kunming is known because of its consistent climate is one of the most laid-back and livable cities I’ve experienced considering it’s a big city. I could see myself living here quite […]

Ping’An China – Longsheng Rice Terraces – Longji – Part 2

We spent a few days hiking around the rice terraces in 40° heat, so plenty of water was drunk. After seeing the terraces I started imagining what they’d look like in spring when the paddies are full of water, maybe […]

Ping’An China – Longsheng Rice Terraces – Longji

Longji means Dragons Backbone in Chinese. One of the rice terraces is called Longji because looking down from the top, the shape of the terrace resembles a giant dragons back bone. We stayed at Ping’An village placed on very steep […]

Huangluo Yao Village China – Red Yao Women

We stopped into Huangluo Yao a minority ethnic village where the women only cut their hair once in their lives, when they turn 16, after this they can start looking for a husband. Up until 1987 when a few traditions were […]