Ping’An China – Longsheng Rice Terraces – Longji – Part 2

We spent a few days hiking around the rice terraces in 40° heat, so plenty of water was drunk. After seeing the terraces I started imagining what they’d look like in spring when the paddies are full of water, maybe like the scales on the back of a dragon? The Longji terraces are  made up of two separate but close by areas within walking distance of each other:

  • Ping’An terrace fields
  • JinKeng terrace fields

We spent most of our time discovering Ping’An which also had a small tourist area full of little eateries and gift type shops._DSC1075

The rich Chinese come here and take the easy way, they’re carried all round the area, signs of western laziness creeping in._DSC1050

Here they’re making a local sweet, delicious!!

_DSC1285 _DSC1268 _DSC1220

Ride in service!


Another local dish ‘Stewed Moantain Frog’ also delicious.


Back at our room just before darkness sets in.


Our room with a!!


A bit of trick photography, believe or not that’s the moon I’ve turned into a heart shape by keeping the lens open on the camera during a night shot.


All good things come to a end….Me leaving, onward to our next destination…..


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