Kunming China – The ‘Spring City’- The most Livable City

Situated in Central Yunnan province, the ‘Spring City’ as Kunming is known because of its consistent climate is one of the most laid-back and livable cities I’ve experienced considering it’s a big city. I could see myself living here quite easily as stress and the ‘Hurry Up’ factor don’t seem to exist here.  When visiting Kunming it’s not possible to realize that it has a metro population of 3.5 million and surrounding population of 6.5 million, doesn’t matter where you go you’ll come across groups of people you can watch practicing taichi.  As a foreigner here I was made to feel totally welcome with constant requests to hold little babies while the proud parents took a photograph of a ‘Westerner’ holding their baby, in some respects I occasionally felt like I was famous. More than once I considered I could move and live here, after some initial enquiries it wouldn’t be hard to find work here….hmmm food for thought!! Talking about food make sure to try a local dish called ‘Across the Bridge Noodles’!

Great Idea

With plenty to see and do not only in the city but also the surrounding area my biggest problem is that I only had 5 days, so I decided to sacrifice seeing Yuanyang Rice Terraces as I had seen Longji to have more time with Kunming. I especially wanted to see Xi Shan (Western Hills) and Dragon Gate. Walking along the corridors hacked out of the side of the mountains in the 18th century by a Taoist monk and his helpers, the pathway is sometimes very steep quite small and narrow, it was a real adventure and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The sleeper train to Kunming, which was full and the beds were small. 1300km trip taking 18hrs……


Everywhere you went there people were practicing taichi.


One of those famous moments…


One of the city gates.


I love walking around the markets.


There are numerous temples to stroll around and visit.


Kunming Part 2 to come….

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