Yangshuo China – Part 3

High TemperatureBummer, I was so sick I could barely stand up. As I didn’t want to waste time being sick I bought every drug I could to hide/mask the symptoms.


After swallowing about 10kg of different pills, it did the trick, I went on my merry way, sort of……


As I wasn’t as active as normal I decided to take a nice relaxing bamboo raft trip up and down the river.

_DSC0869 _DSC0882


After the bamboo rafting we just rode around anywhere some more and took in all the views.


A peanut or 2 anybody?


After arriving back in the dark we sat at our favorite eating place just up the road a little bit from our hostel. This local fish dish was one of the best meals we have ever eaten.


And the night comes to an end.


Yangshuo part 4 to come.

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