Huangluo Yao Village China – Red Yao Women

We stopped into Huangluo Yao a minority ethnic village where the women only cut their hair once in their lives, when they turn 16, after this they can start looking for a husband. Up until 1987 when a few traditions were abandoned a women’s long hair was considered so sacred that only husbands and children were allowed to look upon it. From the way a Red Yao woman wears her hair you can tell her status:

  • If she wears a kerchief around her head she is single
  • If she wears her hair simply wrapped around her head she is married with no children
  • If she wears her hair with a small bun at the front she is married with children

_DSC0945 _DSC0949

We were treated to a traditional soup from the village.


ProposeThe young lady below on the left holding her hair and wearing a kerchief, seeing she was single I asked for her phone number.

Jana smacked me, so I asked for it again. Sticking tongue out

_DSC1010 _DSC1015

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