Ping’An China – Longsheng Rice Terraces – Longji

Longji means Dragons Backbone in Chinese. One of the rice terraces is called Longji because looking down from the top, the shape of the terrace resembles a giant dragons back bone. We stayed at Ping’An village placed on very steep meandering slopes of the rice fields that have been intricately carved into the side of the mountains. No roads or anything here, just thousands and thousands of very steep steps throughout the entire area. Warning; walking or better described as climbing around here, you do need a certain level of fitness as many places the steps are very steep, there are very few flat walking trails.

This is the start of the long walking path up to the Longji rice terrace.


First thing first, I was very hungry and wanted to try a local dish. I had read about a local disk called Bamboo Rice which is rice stuffed inside hallow bamboo shafts and then cooked over fire.

_DSC1221 _DSC1174

I can assure you the meal was delicious.


Unbelievable This is very good advice walking, the paths are so thin one wrong step means trouble!! _DSC1099 _DSC1067 _DSC1065 _DSC1053_DSC1121_DSC1200

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