Kunming China – The ‘Spring City’- The most Livable City

Situated in Central Yunnan province, the ‘Spring City’ as Kunming is known because of its consistent climate is one of the most laid-back and livable cities I’ve experienced considering it’s a big city. I could see myself living here quite […]

Ping’An China – Longsheng Rice Terraces – Longji – Part 2

We spent a few days hiking around the rice terraces in 40° heat, so plenty of water was drunk. After seeing the terraces I started imagining what they’d look like in spring when the paddies are full of water, maybe […]

Ping’An China – Longsheng Rice Terraces – Longji

Longji means Dragons Backbone in Chinese. One of the rice terraces is called Longji because looking down from the top, the shape of the terrace resembles a giant dragons back bone. We stayed at Ping’An village placed on very steep […]